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Tesla/EV Charger Installations in Middletown NJ

At SLB Electrical Contracting, Inc., we know clean energy can change the world. That’s why we provide quality EV charger installation in Middletown, NJ

If you own an electric vehicle with charging needs or run a business and want to attract customers who drive EVs, why not consider installing an electric vehicle charging station?

Electrical vehicle charging station installation
Installed electrical vehicle station at home

How Electrical Vehicle Chargers Work

EV chargers come in Level One and Level Two varieties. Most homeowners will opt for Level Two stations because they charge three to five times faster and can handle fully electric vehicles. A  Level One station only charges 120 volts and is typically restricted to plug-in hybrids.

A third type, the DC fast-charging station, offers extreme power. It is perfect for businesses that want to offer public access to their chargers. However, the Level Two and the DC varieties require a special outlet and circuit with upgraded wiring.

EV Charger Repair and Maintenance

What’s included in our EV charger repair and maintenance services? We service Level One chargers, Level Two chargers, and DC fast chargers. We also include chargers from various brands, such as Tesla, AeroVironment, Blink, and Bosch.

When you schedule our team for maintenance services beyond our affordable weekly cleaning services in Middletown, NJ, the process typically includes the following:

Finished electrical vehicle charging station project
Installed electrical vehicle station at home

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Middletown, NJ

When you purchase an EV charger installation in Middletown, NJ, you harness several benefits. SLB Electrical Contracting, Inc. is the best company in East-Central New Jersey to help you harness these amazing benefits:

  • Accessibility: When you install an EV charger at home, you’ll have unrestricted access. You won’t have to find a business to park at while the vehicle charges. If you install one at your business, you’ll also attract customers looking to charge while they shop.
  • Efficiency: With a charger at your home, you can charge on-demand and quickly. Plus, you can avoid wasting time at subpar public stations.
  • Eco-friendly: When you purchase an electric vehicle and install a charging station, you’re doing your part to keep our earth healthy. That’s priceless.

Why Choose SLB Electrical Contracting, Inc. to Install a New Charging Station?


We keep our technicians certified, licensed, and insured electrical contractors in Middletown NJ. They can find a solution to any problem with any EV charger.


As a locally owned company, we're passionate about helping Middletown and the surrounding areas harness green energy. We've maintained a five-star reputation and still offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We keep our prices competitive so you can make your choice based on quality, not affordability. You deserve the best, and we deliver it.

compact ev charger at a residential home

A Licensed and Insured Team for Electrical Services and EV Charging Stations in New Jersey

Do you need to find a reliable installation service nearby? At SLB Electrical Contracting, Inc., our certified technicians provide the affordable construction of EV charging stations.

When you need EV charger installation in Middletown, NJ, SLB Electrical Contracting, Inc. is the team to call—find us online or call (732) 978-9173 to learn more!

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