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Electrical Panel and Breaker Service in Middletown NJ

At SLB Electrical Contracting, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing high-quality electrical services to every home and business. As the provider of the best electrical panel installation in Middletown, NJ, we bring over 20 years of experience and unprecedented passion to every job.

Electrical panel installation

We Install Circuit Breaker and Electrical Panels Properly for Peace of Mind

When you partner with licensed electrical contractors to install a new electrical panel, our service includes the following:

Commercial electrical panel project

Panel purchasing

We’ll help you find the best electrical panel for your home. Panels come in various sizes, power, and functionality, so it’s best to have the input of a licensed professional.

Upgraded electrical

With a new circuit breaker, you may need a new electrical meter or different power supply. We’ll ensure you have everything you need.

Repairing wiring

A new panel frequently requires modifications with new carpentry or additional hookups. We will repair any wiring involved in the installation and more.

Signs You Need Electrical
Panel Repair or Installation

The following signs indicate you need circuit breaker repair or a new panel:


Circuit breakers last 30 to 40 years on average. Once it reaches that threshold, you will need to consider budgeting for a new panel.

Power surges

Your property shouldn’t suffer frequent power shortages or outages. While the occasional surge from the electrical grid isn’t uncommon, frequent surges could mean you need a new circuit breaker.


Visible damage on your electrical panel is a clear sign it needs replacing. You will also need help if you notice a burning smell, smoking components, rust, frayed wires, or sections that are hot to the touch.

SLB electrical panel circuit breaker

Benefits of Installing a
New Circuit Breaker

With a new electrical panel installation from our Middletown, NJ team, your home or business property will gain the following benefits:

Electrical panel repair installation

Improved safety

You won't worry about your home catching fire or damaging your expensive appliances the next time the power goes out.

Improve energy efficiency:

Better efficiency saves money on your utility bills long term.

Technological compatibility:

New electrical panels are often compatible with smartphones and other devices, making controlling them easier and more efficient.

Choose SLB for Circuit Breaker Repair and More

Here’s why SLB Electrical is the best choice in Middletown, New Jersey, and the surrounding communities:

SLB electrical contracting

Electrical Panels and Breakers in Middletown and the Surrounding Areas

Our certified and highly-trained technicians provide electrical panel installation and repair across East-Central New Jersey. No matter your electrical needs, we’ll find the perfect solution.

When you need electrical panel installation in Middletown, NJ, SLB Electrical Inc. is here to help. Call (732) 978-9173 to learn more about our services.

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