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Emergency Electrician in Middletown NJ

If your electricity goes out due to a storm or another factor beyond your control, you need a dependable emergency electrician in Middletown, NJ, as soon as possible. The indoor temperature can skyrocket to dangerous levels within a matter of hours in the summer. And in the winter months, the temperatures plummet quickly to leave everyone shivering. 

Our licensed electricians provide just the emergency electrical service you need 24 hours a day. With over 25 years in this business, our team understands electrical outages never happen at a convenient time. That’s why we come to your home or business as soon as possible to restore your electrical service.

SLB Emergency electrician services

24 Hour Electrician Service for Instant Assistance

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s normal to try and find a quick way to restore power. Doing your own electrical work causes more damage and could easily cause an injury or even a fire.

When you call our emergency electrical services provider, you get affordable service from a licensed and insured contractor. We have the equipment and training to locate the cause of your system’s problem and bring it back online so that you can get back into your daily routine.

Some of the problems our emergency electrician can repair include the following:

Complete or Partial Power Outage

A power outage leaves appliances without the ability to keep food cold, regulate the temperature inside a building, and many more inconveniences. We will identify the cause of the outage and restore your service without delay.

Frequent Breakers Tripping

You could have an emergency on your hands even if you don’t experience a complete loss of electricity. Do your breakers trip frequently? Your electrical system isn’t keeping up with the electricity demand on your property, and outdated breaker panels cause power surges, which will destroy your electrical devices fast.

Light Bulbs That Burn Out Frequently

Light bulbs last several years before they burn out. So, if lightbulbs in any area of your home or business flicker while they’re on or fail frequently, you could have faulty wiring. If you don’t act quickly, this becomes a fire hazard that’s more common than people realize.

Unusual Sounds and Smells Coming From Your Breaker Panel or Outlets

If you see smoke or notice an unusual smell from a breaker panel or electrical outlet, call for help right away. A crackling sound or buzzing sound is also a cause for an emergency, as it indicates a wiring issue that could quickly become dangerous. Do not use these outlets; call an emergency electrician like SLB Electrical.

Certified Emergency Electrician in Middletown, NJ

At SLB Electrical, we know that electrical problems are urgent. That’s why we provide a local service 24 hours a day for electrical emergencies. Our family-owned and operated business has two decades of industry experience, and you can trust us to respond immediately.

Did you know that SLB provides a free estimate for our 100% satisfaction guaranteed service? Fill out our online form or call 732-495-5883 today for an emergency electrician in Middletown, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

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